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Here are the latest coupon codes for Black Note e-liquid. The coupons are updated weekly so if we find any new discounts we’ll update the list.

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Who is Black Note E-Liquid? Black Note is an e-juice company that makes authentic naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids. NET tobacco products are the best thing that happened to e-liquid production. While many people may not lie them because they lack in flavor and yet have eliminated most of the health problems that come with combustion of tobacco. This may be the reason why many people do not like them.

However, considering the many people transitioning from traditional tobacco to e-liquids, this is the greatest thing they can find in the market. NET products have the taste and smell of raw tobacco which many tobacco lovers enjoy.

Black Note is amongst the few companies that produce 100% pure tobacco Net products with eight flavors, which use only one leaf of tobacco as he flavor agent. Methanol is an exception to this.  The tobacco plants used in the manufacture are grown and hand- picked by the company from Italy. It is the world’s first lab certified NET e-liquid product.

Looking at their products, and their  lab certifications, you will have no doubt about the quality of tobacco you get from his company. What you will not get are artificial sweeteners and other flavors many companies use.

The BlackNote uses a jazz name for all of its eight flavors, which is the main marketing technique of the company good classic music. This shows that the company is concerned with skipping the noise in the world and producing a high quality product and giving their customers what they are looking for quality over quantity.

While the shipping of all Black Note products is free, the quality of their products and the time taken in their manufacture makes them the least expensive e-liquids. If you enter the recycling program, you get to save a lot of money by getting a free bottle of the product. You can also save a lot of money by using the Black Note E-liquid coupon to save on shopping.